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Here are some real world projects PLANTRAC has been used on:

RECONSTRUCTING AN AGING INFRASTRUCTURE - The New York City Transit Authority Capital Program used PLANTRAC. "At any one time, as many as 300 rehabilitation and construction projects with a value of $3 billion, are monitored and controlled. We have become the national example"

The National Garden Festival at Gateshead on a 200 acre site costing £ 37 million was planned and built by Gateshead Borough Council using PLANTRAC.

PLANTRAC is good for Guinness. Don Jones managed £21 million worth of process plant around the world.

24 Highway bridges in 17 months.How PLANTRAC won Malta Construction £1.5m."The PLANTRAC evidence was so proved that the State of Georgia actually owed Malta money"

The huge Ponds Forge International Sports Centre in Sheffield was built by Mowlem who used PLANTRAC for its power and flexibility.

The Sultanate of Oman Pavilion in Seville for Expo 92 was built by Balfour Beatty using PLANTRAC.

PLANTRAC played a vital role in the complex design, manufacturing and assembly of the huge machines for the Channel Tunnel built by James Howden.

The Trident CSDA ( MOD; VSEL ) used PLANTRAC to control and monitor the design and development of the submarines tactical weapons systems and their subsequent acceptance trials.

Taylor Woodrow Management Contracting used PLANTRAC to manage the work of some 100 contractors to build the £ 70 million Peacocks development in Woking.

PLANTRAC was used by Higgs and Hill to construct the £30 million Heathrow Sterling international hotel ( one of the most innovative and exciting buildings).

Link-Miles flies on course. All in all, we are very happy with PLANTRAC II" said Colin Robinson. "There are very few packages on the market which can provide this degree of functionality at the right price. PLANTRAC really helps us to fly on course" 

Ruston Gas Turbines (RGT), part of GEC Alsthom's European Gas Turbines group, supplies large gas turbines to customer order for power generation and mechanical drive.Ruston uses the Plantrac.

Efficient to the Corps...the US Corps of Engineers chose Plantrac for its Virginia area office.

Hepworth Building Products keeps £15 million development on schedule with the assistance of PLANTRAC.

PLANTRAC helps to keep the power flowing at Ferrybridge 'C'

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